Lazaro Kotikash was born in Kenya.[2] Lazaro's mutant powers manifest at puberty, and he was accepted to the Xavier Institute.[1]

Alpha Squadron

Once the Xavier Institute initiated the training squad system, Lazaro was codenamed Kidogo[1] and placed in the Alpha Squadron under the supervision of Northstar.[3]

Alpha Squadron suffered a great loss when they were told that Northstar had been killed in the line of duty by Wolverine. The team was assigned a new advisor, Karma.[3]


Kidogo was one of the many mutants to lose their powers on M-Day.[4] The depowered students of the Xavier Institute were asked to leave the school, but the bus carrying several depowered students was attacked by one of William Stryker's Purifiers.[5] It is unknown if Kidogo was aboard the bus.


Kidogo shrunken down

Currently none. Kidogo was a mutant, but lost his powers due to the effects of M-Day.

Strength level


  • The codename Kidogo is Swahili and roughly translates to "something small".
  • Kidogo is possibly a Maasai, based on the facial marking he occasionally sported.
  • In the New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook #1, Lazaro was voted “Most Ironic Power”, apparently because normally he was almost a head taller than any of his classmates.

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