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Night was a common criminal until she was found by Mr. Jip and given powers by him. Mr. Jip desired Cloak to be the vessel for his essence and so sent Night and her partner Day (also given powers by Mr. Jip) to try to separate him from Dagger so that he could more easily possess him. Initially successful Dagger came back in the nick of time to stop Mr. Jip's plan.[1]

Although unable to acquire Cloak's form, Mr. Jip was able to plant a post-hypnotic suggestion in him that made Cloak take Dagger to an ambush by Night. Using her ability to manipulate inner darkness, Night was able to turn Dagger evil. Cloak managed to turn her back to good, but not before an encounter with X-Factor left her blind. Night assisted Mr. Jip in another scheme to gain control of Cloak that ended in failure.[2]



Night has the ability to extract the darkness that resides in humans and manipulate it.


  • Lea's name is a pun on the name "Lucifer".

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