Quote1 You absolute creep!! You kidnapped me and erased my memory-- and none of it even counted toward my IMDb page!! Quote2
-- Lea Thompson src

Lea Thompson was a veteran actress who had been kidnapped several occasions throughout her life for a limited period of time by Mojo in order to portray Beverly Switzler in a sitcom based on the life of Howard the Duck. After filming whichever Mojo wanted to, Lea was returned to her normal life with no memory of her time abducted.

Following several years of experiencing what she believed to be sporadic memory blackouts, Lea began to vaguely recall her experiences, mostly the presence of a talking duck. With this information, she traveled to Brooklyn and sought the help of Howard the Duck himself. With her only clue in hand being a photo of a baby dressed as Professor X, Lea, Howard and his assistant Tara Tam went to a superhero-themed baby photo studio. They snuck past the shop's reception and discovered a TV studio set hidden deep inside the building.

The presence of the set caused Lea's memories to come back to her, and Mojo appeared to explain the truth behind it. While most of the program was a reality show that followed Howard, Lea and several other actors were used to film the TV series which acted as a fill-in during the stretches of Howard's life when little happened. The talking duck she recalled was the show's co-star and the actor who portrayed Howard, Z'ien.

Fueled by rage over this revelation, Lea attacked Mojo, kicking off a fight between her allies and Mojo's goons. He-lix was teleported to the scene to subdue Lea, teleport her back to her home and erase her memories again. However, as soon as they appeared in her yard, Lea knocked out He-lix and returned safely to her home.[1]

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