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  • Grellfeen (Death)

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  • Grena (Mentioned)
  • Volibear (Mentioned)

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Raised in the frozen wilds of the Freijord, Ashe is an Iceborn, a warrior gifted with a magical connection to her savage homeland. The only daughter of Grena, her tribe's fanatical Warmother, Ashe follows her mother's quest to discover the mythical Thone of Avarosa - an object of immense power that all but Grena have dismissed as a child's fairy tale.

The journey takes them deep into the hostile territory, where Maalcrom and the Hearthbound ultimately turn back. Grena, Ashe, and their Bloodsworn are ambushed by enemy forces, and though Grena does not survive, Ashe continues the quest. Freeing the Bloodsworn from the oath to protect her so they can return and guard the village, Ashe comes face to face with her pursuers, only to discover they are led by a disguised Maalcrom! Forced to fight, Ashe kills Maalcrom and his warriors with a bow of True Ice, that may once have belonged to Avarosa! But a true ice weapon is cold comfort alone on the tundra...

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