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Initially believed to be an older version of Leah, this being was revealed to actually the living embodiment of Loki's guilty conscience, and his missing power.[1]

She and other constructs of Loki's guilt, which took the form of the "Young Avengers", allied with Mother in order to end the Young Avengers, including Loki.

She gave Hulkling relationship advice when he broke up with Wiccan, in order to trick him into returning to New York, an action which allowed Mother to return to Earth-616.[2]

The Young Avengers were forced to rescue Hulkling, and when they arrived to Mother's dimension, they encountered Leah's "Young Avengers."[3] When Loki admitted what had happened to Kid Loki, as well as that he had made a deal with the Mother, to his fellow Young Avengers, Leah and her own team of "Young Avengers" dissipated.[1]

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