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Leander overtook his cousin Dimitris's business when it was steadily on its way to becoming bankrupt. Pretending to be thoughtful and caring only for the businesses' best interests, Leander was actually using the business as a profit machine for the Kingpin. Elektra found out about the debt which Leander was passing onto Dimitris and sought to pay the money back herself. Leander offered Elektra a one time job in exchange for the release of Dimitri's debt. Elektra accepted. Leander wanted Elektra to pose as a prostitute and sneak into the apartment of an ex-accountant who had written a book containing all the names of the Kingpin's assailants. Kingpin was growing increasingly nervous and handed the responsibility of destroying the docket to Leander. Elektra did manage to get the ledger but was beaten by Poindexter (Ultimate Bullseye) who had been sent by the Kingpin, killed the accountant and stole the ledger, as he did not trust Leander to do the job alone. Poindexter retrieved the ledger whilst Elektra hid, after a fight the two departed alive. Leander had seemingly failed the mission. With the ledger now destroyed and the accountant dead a murder was left unsolved. Police were informed by Poindexter that Elektra had entered a building covered in blood. The police went to Elektra's apartment but after hugging Elektra Dimitris was covered in blood. Informing Elektra and Irene to hide in the house Dimitris was arrested. Poindexter was truly responsible. Elektra wanted revenge and with the help of Daredevil she managed to raid Leander's workhouse and interrogated him. After receiving answers from Leander Elektra was able to retrieve a photocopied version of the ledger which a law firm had produced. Poindexter was also after this document; However this time Elektra won the fight. Elektra made her way to the Kingpin and offered him a deal, she would hand him the ledger if he would allow her Dad to leave prison with a clear record and replace him with the Killer and the thugs who caused this. Kingpin called upon Poindexter and asked him to fight Elektra to see who deserved to be in prison. Elektra used chemicals from her fathers business to poison Poindexter and won the fight. As a result Leander and Paul were sent to prison for the murder of the accountant.[1]

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  • Leander's major enemies are Elektra and Daredevil, now he probably dislikes the Kingpin and Poindexter.


  • Leander was interrogated by both Elektra and another one of the Kingpin's goons, Marco.

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