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Tired of his lack of success as an inventor, Vincent Patilio designed himself a frog-like costume incorporating his latest invention: electrically powered leaping coils. The leaping coils allowed him to reach a height of 6 stories per jump. The boots' power source is worn on his back like a back pack. Additionally, internal padding of the suit enables Frog-Man to bounce off objects with little danger. Calling himself Leap Frog, Patilio was defeated in both attempts at a criminal career by the hero Daredevil.[1]


Eugene Patilio decided to don one of his father's costumes and use it to become a costumed crime fighter. [2]


A Skrull posing as Eugene Patilio joined the 50-States Initiative. He became a member of the Action Pack in Kentucky. During the Secret Invasion, "Frog-Man" revealed his true nature and turned on his teammates before being killed.[3]

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