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Frogger,[1] Froggy,[2] Leap,[2] The Frog,[3] Runaway's Leapfrog[4]
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Operates on land, in air, and underwater[4]; also equipped with time travel technology
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The Pride's vehicle created by Janet and Victor Stein
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Leapfrog (Earth-616) from Runaways Vol 1 15 001

The Leapfrog


The Leapfrog was created by Janet and Victor Stein.[5][6] The whimsical frog design was Janet's idea, but the amphibious design allows for submersible travel and long distance jumping augmented by rockets. These adaptations allow the Leapfrog to travel where other vehicles are not able.[6] The Leapfrog is programmed with an artificial intelligence operating system.[7]

Leapfrog (Vehicle) 003

The Leapfrog

The Leapfrog was used as a conveyance for the The Pride for several years.[5][6] When the Runaways attacked The Pride in the Marine Vivarium during their sacrifice to the Gibborim, Chase Stein was able to hotwire and pilot the Leapfrog to rescue his friends.[8]


The Leapfrog had been the Runaways' primary form of transportation since the destruction of the Marine Vivarium.[9][10] Originally, the Leapfrog was closely bonded with Chase,[7] but later Victor Mancha develop a close relationship with the Leapfrog as well.[11]

The Runaways used the Leapfrog to fight crime in Los Angeles,[12] to escape from Iron Man an cross the county,[13] to travel back in time,[14] and briefly as their primary residence.[13][15][3]

Leapfrog (Vehicle) fleet

The Leapfrog fleet

When a smuggling drone crashed into the Malibu House, the Leapfrog's original body was destroyed. However, Hunter Stein and Victor Mancha were able to recover the Leapfrog's operating system and install it into a new vehicle model.[16]

The Runaways were somehow able to rebuild the Leapfrog's original body, but it was destroyed in battle with Marcus Roston.[17] However, the Runaways appear to still utilize the flying model of the Leapfrog.[18][19]

The Leapfrog's current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Leapfrog (Earth-616) from Marvel Vehicles Owner's Workshop Manual Vol 1 1 001

Schematics of the original Leapfrog

The Leapfrog is equipped with several capabilities including:

  • Transportation: The Leapfrog is capable to multiple methods of long-distant transportation including jumping/leaping, underwater travel, and even limited flight. The Leapfrog's primary means of propulsion are galvanic piston-driven legs assemblies augmented by rear-facing plasma engines. The Leapfrog has a top speed of 87 mph (140 kph) and can leap more than 1,000 ft. (305 m.) into the air without the use of plasma engines.[4]
  • Camouflage: The Leapfrog is capable of creating a near complete camouflage in a variety of surfaces.[5][21]
    • Cloaking: In addition to visible camouflage, the Leapfrog is equipped with a cloaking device preventing tracking.[10]
  • Holo-Record: The Leapfrog records and can project holograms of events that occur around his immediate vicinity.[6]
  • Magical Immunity: To prevent Tina and Robert Minoru from hijacking the Leapfrog, Victor Stein made him impervious to spell-casting.[6]
  • Multilingual The Leapfrog is capable of communicating in roughly five thousand languages[7]


  • The Leapfrog can accommodate 10-12 passengers.[5][4]


  • The Leapfrog's A.I. has been identified as masculine.[5][9]

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