The arch-enemy of Superbman, he first appeared as Rex Ruthless, appearing to Doctor Bloom while in the middle of initiating a war between Superbman and the Fantastical Four. Laughing at Bloom's conclusion hat Superbman was secretly Park Bench, Ruthless decried his theory under the somewhat twisted logic that a super-powered being pretending to be a normal person rather than being a demi-god all the time would make him better the most people, which would be in direct conflict with Ruthless' cynical belief that everyone was of low moral fiber.[citation needed]

Defeated by Rex's "logic", Dr. Bloom proceeded to skulk off while Ruthless in turn took over the remainder of Bloom’s plan, just to have something nasty to do. He was thus on hand nearby to be captured by Mr. Fantastical, who had cleverly deduced the conspiracy against his fellow teammates and Superbman. However, yuppie newshound Nosey Dame then reminded everyone that they were fighting because the Human Scorch’s heat had wilted her expensive hair-do, now because of anything some super-villain had done, so the super-heroes started fighting again while an again free Rex Ruthless proceeded to proposition Katrina Bower of the Bower Brats with lollipops.[citation needed]

Later, as Leaks Luthor, he appeared again, this time facilitating a fight between the Revengers and the Just-a-League, a band of mostly subpar Dee-See super-heroes. This time, it was him having his scheme overtaken by a rival super-villain, the Jokester, who used the acclaim he’d garnered from being in a far more recent movie franchise to unseat the Kingpin look-alike, who then slunk away in annoyance.[citation needed]


He has access to many resources, including one million lollipops.[citation needed]


He leaks. He can't believe that Superbman and Park Bench are the same person.[citation needed]

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