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Lee Franks was a mutant operative of Black Air in England. Nicknamed Scratch, he long held enmity for Peter Wisdom before his involvement with Excalibur in his turnaround with the team. Scratch was despised by Peter Wisdom for his indifference for human life and sadism through the intelligence ranks for sociopathic behavior.[2]

In later years, Scratch became Black Air's liaison to the Hellfire Club. In exchange for some files, he recovered a mystical codex from Sebastian Shaw to release a demon consecrated in London's underground sewer lines. The British faction of the Hellfire Club intended to harness the demon as a weapon.[3][4]

Scratch successfully abducted Douglock to use his bio-technological body and computerized mind to hack through a supercomputer and exercise counter-spells from the codex. These spells allowed the Club to release the demon of London with the assistance of London's Margali Szardos as the appointed Red Queen.[4]

Peter Wisdom battled the demonized mob on the streets that had chased a fleeing Scratch through London. They left Scratch injured for legal authorities to arrest on war crimes, after Excalibur consecrated the demon in London once more, overthrew Black Air, and lead to a temporary dismantling of the Hellfire Club.[5]

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Scratch is able to emit bio-thermal heat blasts from his body and fly.[3]


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