Branch Vegger and his men are carrying a stage coach full of silver when they are held up by two masked individuals who steal the coach and flee the scene. Happening by is the Black Rider who sees the robbery and goes after the robbers unaware that Branch and his men find a great deal of humour that the Black Rider is helping them.

The Black Rider stops the coach and the thieves surrender, revealing themselves to be John Litch and his daughter Lee. Litch explains that he found the silver mine for which the stolen silver came from. However after his discovery he soon caught Branch Vegger and his men snooping on his property and forced them to flee. However the next day the claims office burned down destroying all the paperwork for his claim and Litch soon found himself thrown off his own stake when Branch returned with new papers naming him the owner of the silver. Consumed by hatred ever since being robbed of his fortune, Litch and his daughter plotted the robbery to get what is rightfully theirs back. After hearing the story, the Black Rider tells Litch that he has to return the stolen silver because he cannot prove that Vegger swindled him out of the mine stake, but promises to try and prove that Vegger owns the mine illegally. The Black Rider then returns the coach to Vegger and his men who laugh over their victory.

After the Black Rider unearthed Vegger's affair and his death, the mine is turned back over to Litch and his daughter who thank the Black Rider for his help.[1]

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