When Howard the Duck needed a job, Lee Switzler answered the call. Lee was the owner of a diner where Howard found employment as a dishwasher... for about an hour before Lee's diner was destroyed by his former employee and SOOFI agent, Sudd. In the wake of the ensuing destruction and chaos, Howard made a new friend in Lee and was shocked to discover that Lee's real name was none other than Beverly Switzler. It seems that his niece, Howard's girlfriend Beverly, was named after her uncle. Lee let Howard stay at his apartment for awhile until Howard was unexpectedly kidnapped by Sinister Soofi after Lee had left. After escaping from Soofi, Howard decided to leave Lee behind so he can rescue Beverly from her new "husband", Doctor Bong (who had actually hypnotized Beverly against her will to marry him).[citation needed]

Howard later find employment in Lee once again as a driver for Lee's "To Hack and Back" cab company. Howard is still working as a cab driver to this day, although it is currently unknown whether Lee is still his employer or not.[citation needed]

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