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Band of Baddies

Originally a redheaded mercenary, Whiplash was hired by the villainous Critical Mass and his Band of Baddies. The mercenaries captured the young mutant Mary Beck and her father. They planned to coerce Mary Beck into joining their squad. However, Spider-Man and Wolverine discovered this plot and ambushed the group. Whiplash fought Spider-Man but was swiftly defeated. With her father held at gunpoint, Mary Beck was forced to use her explosive powers to incapacitate the two superheroes.[2]

When the Band of Baddies gloated over their victory, Wolverine slashed Whiplash's face when she got too close. Later, Mary Beck caused an explosion that had apparently killed the Band of Baddies. However, Spider-Man noted that no bodies had been found.[3]

Femme Fatales

Whiplash, now blonde, resurfaced alongside her former teammate Bloodlust as members of the Femme Fatales, led by the superstrong Knockout. The four women were hired by the Chameleon, disgused as Dr. Turner, to battle Spider-Man at the airport. The Fatales nearly killed Spider-Man, but left after a massive explosion.[4]

Spider-Man and Black Cat later found the Femme Fatales, Chameleon, Tarantula and Scorpion at the botanical gardens. Chameleon revealed his plot to the villains, declaring that they must find and kill Spider-Man. Black Cat distracted the group but was severely beaten until Spider-Man joined in. He defeated Whiplash after her whips were caught in his webbing. The police arrived, and Whiplash was presumably arrested.[5]

Whiplash and her teammates accepted invitations to join Superia's invitation to join the Femizons, an army of female supervillains. After battling Captain America and Paladin, Whiplash left the group.[6]

Taking a break from the Femme Fatales, Whiplash teamed up with Orka, Shockwave and Killer Shrike to extort money from the U.S. Government. However, the Heroes for Hire attacked the villains, with White Tiger battling Whiplash. When White Tiger transformed into a tiger, Whiplash panicked and was quickly defeated.[7]

Whiplash was next seen at the Bar With No Name as the sole female criminal among villains such as Vulture, Kraven the Hunter and Norman Osborn as they bragged about their past adventures against Spider-Man.[8] She was later seen at an auction alongside the other Fatales as the Venom symbiote was up for bidding.[9]

Mystery in Madripoor

When the Femme Fatales relocated to Madripoor under Viper's leadership, Whiplash adopted the codename Snake Whip. Mindblast, disguised as Magneto, lured the X-Men into a trap. The Fatales soon ambushed the X-Men, with a frustrated Snake Whip attacking Jubilee. Kitty Pryde managed to phase Jubilee and Domino to safety. However, the Fatales managed to capture Storm, Rogue and Psylocke.[1]

While at Viper's lair, Snake Whip served as her right-hand woman and stood next to her with a bottle of wine.[10] When Sapphire Styx appeared, claiming to see Wolverine in her head, Snake Whip tried to stop her but was knocked unconscious by a psionic blast. When she regained consciousness, she too saw Wolverine's psychic projection fighting Sapphire Styx.[11]

Magneto soon escaped his mental prison, and Viper ordered Snake Whip to distract the X-Men so that Viper could complete their mission. Snake Whip attacked Psylocke, but was tricked by her illusions. Domino pulled a gun on the Fatale, forcing her to surrender.[12]


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Leeann Foreman was presumably a mutant with unrevealed abilities.[13]



She wore a padded Kevlar uniform, and used gauntlets with spring-loaded Omnium cables with Adamantium barbs on the tips.[13]


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