Leet Brannis was a criminal who was active during the 1940's. He formed a gang and operated out of his pawnshop. His robberies of local jewelry stores soon attracted the attention of the Whizzer who became determined of learning who ran Brannis' gang and shut them down. One night while out robbing a jewelry store alone, Brannis was spotted by the Whizzer and fled the scene. Leading the Whizzer into a nearby building, he got away by taking control of an elevator and riding it to the top floor of the building. He then send it crashing to the bottom, while he got out on a previous floor. Brannis got away while the Whizzer rushed the critically injured elevator operator to a hospital.

Seeking to make it big in town, Leet organized a complicated heist, sending part of his gang to rob a number of jewelry stores to keep the Whizzer busy while he went after the real haul: the receipts from the Park Theater. Despite his best laid plans, Leet would be bested by the Whizzer's super speed which allowed him to not only foil the jewelry robberies but also to stop Leet before he and his gang could escape with the stolen box office. Defeated, Leet was turned over to the authorities.[1]


Leet carried glass cutters to aid in cutting through shop windows of jewelry stores.


Leet was armed with a pistol.

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