Quote1 The law is on no one's side. It can be used to support any position, if the attorney making the relevant arguments is sufficiently skilled. The law is an abstraction. A tool. Nay, an instrument to be played. Quote2
-- Legal src

The Harrow Case

Legal was Tony Stark's Lead Attorney and was in charge of all legal matters regarding Stark Industries. He went up against lawyer Jen Walters regarding the Harrow Case, and 'drowned' her in paperwork. The case was ultimately worked out when Jen had a conversation with Tony Stark, sorting everything out.[1]

The Slugansky Case

When most of the business entities of Stark Industries were dissolved, Legal offered his services to the Kingpin, with the plan to make appeals regarding the Slugansky Case, wherein Daredevil was permitted to testify without revealing his secret identity.[2]

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