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Quote1.png I support Druig in his bid to become Prime Eternal because I think it's the right thing to do. I'm sorry, I know, it must come as a terrible shock: someone who doesn't think exactly as you do. Quote2.png


Legba, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago and has looked after humanity ever since.[2][3]

Legba lived in Rome during the rule of Commodus. The emperor told him during an orgy that he was a Sybarite, a person who is self-indulgent in their fondness for sensuous luxury, and he wholeheartedly agreed with the sentiment. In the 19th century, Legba sat on a porch in Stamford, Connecticut with Mark Twain and shared a bucket of potatoes. He told him; "It's not what people don't know that hurts them, but what they believe they know is true but isn't.[4]

In the 21st century, his fellow Eternal Sprite used the energy from the Sleeping Celestial to manipulate reality and turn the Eternals into regular humans. Legba was turned into Reverend Lester in Louisiana with all his powers dormant. One day, a young parishioner came to him for advice and he used his position to seduce her. Druig, now awake from his brainwashing, travelled to the US to reawaken his former ally. When he first arrived he believed he was the Devil, but his memories returned, only to be confronted by Ikaris and Thena.[1] The two escaped and met with the Council of Confederate Eternals to discuss taking control of the leadership of the Eternals. Legba agreed to his ideology and to the plan to awaken the others.[5]

Legba travelled to Madripoor where a human Uni-Mind was causing the people on the island nation to fall into a coma. Thena, Makkari, Sersi, and Ikaris arrived to confront him, but he was able to talk them down. They were forced to battle the Young Gods who were revealed to be the cause of the country's downfall. Legba walked away as he always did to try and find the true cause of the problem and confronted a shielded Varua. He used his ability to manipulate others to ask her a disarming question which weakened her focus and force field, then he blasted her head off, causing the other Young Gods to collapse. Following the conflict he spoke with the others and Ikaris questioned his own resolve as Legba returned his allies to Druig.[4]

In Brazil they found, Gilgamesh at a travelling circus, but before the can armor up they were beaten by him.[6] They tried to follow him but they found him attacking Makkari off guard, and it was revealed that Ajak was mind controlling him to destroy Makkari.[7] As the Council of Confederate Eternals planned their next move, they were attacked by Ikaris, but due to their numbers he was forced to retreat, but he lead them into a trap set by the X-Men. This lead to a fight between the two groups.[8] However Legba and the Eternals stopped fighting when they noticed the Horde attacking the Earth, descending from the sky. The two teams decided to join forces and planned to use the Uni-Mind powered Celestial to fight the invaders. Druig attempted to take leadership, but after a debate they decided to let Ikaris lead. Together they battled the Horde and won and decided to end the conflict for now.[9]

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