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Legba was of of the children of the twins Lusa and Mahu, with his twin brother Eschu, and was the god of gateways.[1]

Early years

They served as masters of the Loa, supervise them and are often the first Vodū invoked by humans when they wish to call upon either loa or other Vodu for help.

Lusa, Mahu and their family descended to the city of Ife, the legendary first city of the the Yoruba people, involving directly themselves in mortals' matters, and were first worshiped by the Fon people of Dahomey (modern-days Benin) and the Yoruba of the Niger River valley (modern-days Nigeria) starting in the 12th century,[1] Legba being often referred as Papa Legba.[5][6][4]

The dead mortals walked the crossroads with Legba.[6] Legba stood there, at the meeting of the world of mortals and of the world of the loa, the spirit world.

Every vodoun rituals began with the invocation of Papa Legba.[3]

17th century

In the 17th century, empowered by Legba with the assistance of Gaea, a former slave named Laurent gained the power of the Loa.[11]

Modern Age

Legba sometimes witnessed Doctor Voodoo, who carried the Staff of Legba, through the Dark Dimension.[5]


Ledga and Eschu were described as mischievous.[10]

Powers and Abilities


Presumably those conventional to the Vodu.



Legba used a staff now known as the Staff of Legba[7] (now wielded by Doctor Voodoo). This staff could generate Barrier Crows of Legba and speak the Language of Null.[5]


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