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  • "Renal Failure" Alvarez (First appearance)
  • Doctor Kissinger (First appearance)
  • Philly (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • Kerry Loudermilk (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)
  • Ptonomy Wallace (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)
  • Ben (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • Rudy (First appearance)
  • Melanie Bird (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)

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David is being questioned by The Interrogator in an unknown location and tells the story of how he got to this point in his life.

David begins his life as a happy child, but quickly falls into trouble with others and the law. His uncontrollable telekinetic powers manifest occasionally and drives him to attempt suicide as an adult. He is haunted by visions of a "devil with yellow eyes".

While staying at the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, David is surrounded by patients with mental problems, including his best friend, Lenny, but his life changes when a new patient, Syd, arrives. David is immediately intrigued by her and wants to meet her, but she refuses to have anyone touch her. Despite this, she agrees to be David's girlfriend when he asks her.

The Interrogator continues grilling David (who is under the watchful stare of The Eye) and David continues to tell about his relationship with Syd.

On the day that Syd is released from Clockworks, David works up the courage to finally kiss her. When he does, their minds switch places and David finds himself trapped in Syd's body. Even stranger, the rooms of Clockworks all mysterious seal themselves, trapping David's body (with Syd's mind) inside a room. Tragically, Lenny is caught in a sealed doorway and dies.

Syd (with David's mind) is released from Clockworks and eventually transforms back into David's body. Very confused, he goes to his sister's house to stay with her. While he is staying there, his powers erupt again and he is visited by Lenny, who admits that she is dead.

Later, as David is calling around looking for information about Syd, he is pursued by Kerry and Ptonomy, who he manages to elude, but only by being captured and taken tothe facility where he is imprisoned and questioned.

During the ongoing interrogation, David gets increasingly upset with the Interrogator. Finally his powers flare up and he telekinetically stabs the Interrogator with a pen. He then blasts everyone in the room before being gassed unconscious.

David awakens to find himself half-submerged in a swimming pool with the Interrogator holding a dentontator switch which will electrocute the pool and David. David is warned telepathically by Syd that she is coming to rescue him and he should go under the water. David sinks under the water while the room erupts in flame, killing the Interrogator and the armed guards. Syd, Kerry, and Ptonomy then rescue David and fight their way out of the compound, each using various powers to aid their escape. They all flee to the shore, where they are greeted by Melanie who welcomes David.


David HallerDan Stevens
Tobias Austen (infant)
Noah Hegglin Houben (infant)
Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez (toddler)
Christian Convery (4 yrs)
Luke Roessler (6-8 yrs)
Jacob Hoppenbrouwer (10-12 yrs)
Alex Mulgrew (16 yrs)
Syd BarrettRachel Keller
Lenny "Cornflakes" BuskerAubrey Plaza
Ptonomy WallaceJeremie Harris
Kerry LoudermilkAmber Midthunder
Amy HallerKatie Aselton
Kyja Sutton (8-10 yrs)
Melanie BirdJean Smart
The InterrogatorHamish Linklater
BrubakerDavid Selby
Doctor KissingerDavid Ferry
PhillyEllie Araiza
BenMatt Hamilton
RudyBrad Mann
The Devil With the Yellow EyesQuinton Boisclair
The EyeMackenzie Gray
"Renal Failure" AlvarezMike Azevado
Day Room duty nurseEse Atawo
The Man Who HidesPaul Belsito
The Man in All His ClothesEugene Wong
The Man Who Strokes His BeardEric Malapad
Risotto dudeGustavo Ferman
Skeletal fat ladyStephanie Van Dyck
PsychiatristTim Bissett
Wild Rusty CombsSidartha Murjani
Woman Who NursesEspirito Mauricio
Monitor room technicianMatthew Afonso
Cube techsPeter Chao
Jesse Reid
Clockworks orderlySimon Chin
Cube police Vol 1 1Charles Jarman
Junior prom guySimon Boriskov
Science teacherJune B. Wilde
School principalJames Wilson
Junior prom dateMaddie Phillips
Trick or TreatersMathias Ty Parto
Jonathan Wu
Patient dancersBelinda Sobie
Sabine Uwimambe
Karina Ho
Edwin Perez
Mandy Rushton
Monica Gutierrez
Stephanie Lavigne


In the comics, David Haller is the son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller.

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