Quote1.png I was sick... but I'm not sick anymore! Quote2.png
-- David Haller

Appearing in "Chapter 7"

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Synopsis for "Chapter 7"

David finds a way out of this predicament.[1]


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Character Actor
David Haller Dan Stevens
Noah Hegglin Houben (Infant)
Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez (Toddler)
Syd Barrett Rachel Keller
Lenny Busker Aubrey Plaza
Cary Loudermilk Bill Irwin
Ptonomy Wallace Jeremie Harris
Kerry Loudermilk Amber Midthunder
Amy Haller Katie Aselton
Carmella Guizzo (4 yrs)
Dr. Melanie Bird Jean Smart
Oliver Bird Jemaine Clement
The Interrogator Hamish Linklater
The Eye Mackenzie Gray
Rudy Brad Mann
The Devil with the Yellow Eyes Quinton Boisclair
Amy's mother Tatyana Forrest
Amy's father Dario Giordani
The Angry Boy Devyn Dalton
Bald Man Michael Brent Nathanson

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