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Synopsis for "Chapter 10"

The Shadow King leads David and Division 3 away on a fool's errand. While they're gone, Farouk and Oliver attack Division 3's headquarters. The two of them come across Cary, and they force Kerry out of his body. Cary and Kerry are quickly overwhelmed by their vast psychic powers. By the time David, Syd and Ptonomy return to headquarters, Oliver and the Shadow King are long gone. Kerry and Cary struggle to come back together, but when they do Cary is absorbed into Kerry's body rather than the other way around. Later, Melanie informs Admiral Fukyama that the last of the Mi-Go monks might know where Farouk's body is.

David asks Kerry to put him back in the tank (using Cary's knowledge of the device) so he can look for Farouk. Instead, David reaches out to Syd from the future timeline. Syd warns him of a future plague that kills everyone some time after David kills the Shadow King. Returning back to the physical world, Clark again accuses David of secretly working with the Shadow King. David goes back inside the tank, and this time finds the Shadow King on the Astral Plane. Farouk appears to David as his true self for the first time. After mentally wrestling with Farouk, the Shadow King tells David he will be in his debt if he helps find his body. After David leaves, the remnant of Lenny's mind Farouk keeps with him asks if she can leave now that he no longer needs her to talk to David.

In the physical world, Cary and Kerry still struggle to cope with their new reality. Cary, after finally figuring out a way to leave her body, sees Kerry now has a streak of gray in her hair. David finds Syd on the roof of Division 3's headquarters and tells her what the version of her from the future told him. Now determined to find Farouk's body, they both set out to find the Mi-Go monks. Meanwhile, one of the monks is inside headquarters, among the Shadow King's other victims.


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Character Actor
David HallerDan Stevens
Syd BarrettRachel Keller
Violet Hicks (Young)
Lenny BuskerAubrey Plaza
Cary LoudermilkBill Irwin
Shadow King / Amahl FaroukNavid Negahban
Oliver BirdJemaine Clement
Ptonomy WallaceJeremie Harris
Kerry LoudermilkAmber Midthunder
Clark DebussyHamish Linklater
Dr. Melanie BirdJean Smart
VermillionsJelly Howie
Brittney Parker Rose
Lexa Gluck
NarratorJon Hamm
Admiral FukyamaMarc Oka
The MonkNathan Hurd
BoyMakabe Ganey
TeenagerKurt Lyle

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