Quote1.png How do you surprise someone who can go back in time and warn himself? Quote2.png
-- Amahl Farouk

Appearing in "Chapter 20"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • David's Cult (First appearance)
    • The Pregnant Virgin
    • Squirrel (First appearance)
    • Dora (First appearance)
    • Eloise (First appearance)
    • Lenny Busker
    • David Haller (Main story and flashback) (Death) (Revived)


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Division 3 flying fortress (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Chapter 20"

Since he left Division 3, David Haller has started a cult with Lenny at his side. Jia-yi, a young mutant who can time travel via the Astral Plane, is found by David's cult. Squirrel, the cult's "alchemist," gives her the name "Switch." While David tells Switch about his past, the forces of Division 3 storm David's compound. Kerry places a device on David's head that restricts his psychic powers, and cuts off his arm. David's powers break the device on his head, allowing David to kill Kerry and a few Division 3 soldiers before Syd shoots him in the back. Switch travels back in time to warn David about the impending attack. David fights Division 3 while they attack the members of his cult, this time killing Kerry and Clark before he is again shot in the back by Syd. Switch goes back in time again, but Amahl Farouk follows her into the Astral Plane. Switch escapes through another portal when Farouk tries to trap her in a mental space.

From their flying fortress, Division 3 prepares to assault David's compount. Cary finishes transferring Ptonomy's consciousness into a synthetic body similar to that of the Vermillions. Farouk, still aware that David has a time-traveler on his side, warns Clark and his husband that David can effectively go back in time to warn himself of their movements. The ground team places a device on their heads that prevents David from reading their minds before they are dropped off. Moments before they launch their attack, however, the compound disappears in a flash, leaving behind Squirrel (who was outside of the building), a tooth, and a large crater in its place.


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Character Actor
David Haller Dan Stevens
Syd Barrett Rachel Keller
Lenny Busker Aubrey Plaza
Cary Loudermilk Bill Irwin
The Shadow King / Amahl Farouk Navid Negahban
Ptonomy Wallace Jeremie Harris
Kerry Loudermilk Amber Midthunder
Switch / Jia-Yi Lauren Tsai
Clark DeBussy Hamish Linklater
The Pregnant Virgin Vanessa Dubasso
Kenzo Ben Wang
Squirrel Wally Rudolph
Dora Dan Cathcart
Eloise Margaux Brooke
Daniel Bohr-DeBussy Keir O'Donnell
Vermillions Rachele Schank
Marikah Cunningham
Tiffany Feese
Lauren Shaw
Butler Amir AboulEla
Teacher Bill Chott
Manson girls Samantha Cormier
Mary Ann Raemisch
Megan Hensley
Headphone voice Ming Lo
Orono Orono Noguchi
Band Superorganism

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