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"Chapter 22"

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"Chapter 22"
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Appearing in "Chapter 22"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Doctor Monahan (First appearance)
  • Mister Hopper (First appearance)
  • Nurse Clark (First appearance)
  • Nurse Williams (First appearance)
  • Xiu (First appearance) (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only)
  • Philly (Main story and recap)
  • David's Commune (Cameo)
  • Lenny Busker (Cameo)

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Chapter 22"

David and Switch enter the time stream to communicate with David's parents, but soon find they are only able to observe them at different points in the past. While David's mother Gabrielle is a human, his father Charles is a powerful psychic mutant like his son. In one time frame, David sees where David and Gabrielle first meet and fall in love at a psychiatric hospital. They leave the hospital together and soon start a family. In another, Charles leaves Gabrielle and the still-infant David when he finds another psychic like himself in Morocco - Amahl Farouk. While Charles is gone, Gabrielle often wonders to herself if David will grow up to be like herself or a man like his father.

David notices Farouk's shadow creeping throughout his childhood home. He tries to warn his mother about the monster in her home, but the infant David's own latent psychic abilities are able to protect him from Farouk. Gabrielle's mental state continues to deteriorate the longer Charles is away from her. She is eventually able to hear David's attempts to communicate with her, only furthering her mental illness. One night, after already suffering from a schizophrenic attack, Gabrielle sees the half-formed apparition of the present-day David appear at her child's crib, causing her to faint. Charles suddenly arrives home and psychically blasts away the apparition - unaware of its true identity - sending David and Switch back into the time stream. Having over-extended her powers, Switch passes out from exhaustion before she can take David back to his past. In Charles and Gabrielle's home, Charles fruitlessly tries to get Gabrielle to regain consciousness. While Charles is distracted, Farouk possesses the infant David Haller.


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Character Actor
David Haller Dan Stevens
Lenny Busker Aubrey Plaza
The Shadow King / Amahl Farouk Navid Negahban
Switch / Jia-Yi Lauren Tsai
Charles Xavier Harry Lloyd
Gabrielle Haller Stephanie Corneliussen
Unteroffizier Ernst Kyle Dondlinger
Dr. Monahan Time Winters
Mr. Hopper Pete Pano
Staff Nurse Clark Faye Jackson
Clinical Nurse Williams Stefani Estes
Skinny Devil Dirk Rogers
Young Xiu Lee Way Lan
Sobbing Man Nicholas Tuttle
Catatonic Patient Lucas Bartley Durham

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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