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  • Division 3's Flying Fortress

Synopsis for "Chapter 23"

Division 3 notice "glitches" in the time stream following David and Switch travelling decades into the past. While observing a recording of these glitches, a monstrous arm comes out of the screen, and Farouk cuts it off. Farouk recognizes these monsters as Time Eaters, creatures that live outside of time in gravity wells near black holes. Farouk, Clark and Kerry go into "the time between time" to face the Time Eaters where they will be safe from the monsters' abilities. Syd is attacked by one of these creatures while they are gone. She finds herself face-to-face with her younger self, and they talk about their traumatic past and what might be waiting for her past self in her future.

David and Switch have also realized the damage they've done to the time stream. Switch warns David about the "demons" who live outside time, predators who eat time. David thinks he can handle this all by himself and tells his followers to hide while he takes on the demons. Two demons, however, approach David at the same time and pounce on him. David finds himself trapped in some sort of prison, with his mother in the next cell. Figuring this was years before she met his father, David tries to warn her about what Farouk would do to him as a baby so she could stop it. David realizes this is all an illusion, and turns around to find the two demons standing behind him. David destroys the illusion, leaving himself in a void with the two demons. Every time he tries to approach them, David is suddenly sent back to his original position.

Meanwhile, Cary's brief encounter with one of the demons (through excrement it left behind in his lab) fills in the gaps in his memory of how David coerced him into working for the commune. Understanding the full extent of David's treachery, Cary tries to escape the house. He finds a number of David's followers hiding in a room. While most of the followers run away, Cary convinces Switch to stick with him until he can get her to safety. On their way out, they find many of David's followers have been turned to dust or are frozen in time. Cary calls Ptonomy once they get out of the house, and after overriding some of Ptonomy's functions Cary and Switch are immediately skip through time to be on Division 3's flying fortress. Lenny, meanwhile, sees her daughter's entire life from infancy to old age play out over a few minutes.

Clark, Kerry and Farouk battle the Time Eaters in the time between time. David gets fed up with the two demons eating his time, so he incinerates one with his psychic powers and warns the other one to tell the other demons to go or he will kill all of them. The Time Eaters retreat, leaving Division 3 and David's commune alone. David finds Lenny in the street, but she is too emotionally distraught by what she saw to follow him back into the house. David's followers tell him Switch left with Cary. After another outburst, David realizes it's time for war.


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Character Actor
David HallerDan Stevens
Syd BarrettRachel Keller

Pearl Amanda Dickson

Lenny BuskerAubrey Plaza
Cary LoudermilkBill Irwin
The Shadow King / Amahl FaroukNavid Negahban
Ptonomy WallaceJeremie Harris
Kerry LoudermilkAmber Midthunder
Switch / Jia-YiLauren Tsai
Clark DeBussyHamish Linklater
Gabrielle HallerStephanie Corneliussen
The Pregnant VirginVanessa Dubasso
EloiseMargaux Brooke
DoraDan Cathcart
Vermillion #1Rachele Schank
Violet BuskerGia Berberian

Jaidan Jiron
Alexis Bloom
Cynthia Levin
Eve Sigall

AcolytesYukina Takase

Gloria Cole
Takaya Abdou Lloyd

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