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-- David

Appearing in "Chapter 24"

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  • Division 3 bus
  • Division 3's airship

Synopsis for "Chapter 24"

David intercepts a Division 3 bus carrying Clark's husband Daniel. After easily doing away with the Division 3 soldiers, David manipulates Daniel's mind so he will tell him that they're keeping Switch on the airship. The encounter leaves Daniel without any memory of his own identity. David returns to the commune only to find followers from all over have gathered there. David, however, dismisses them all, and is only interested in finding Lenny so they can attack Division 3's airship. Lenny, still distraught from her encounter with the Time Eaters, kills herself in front of David and his remaining followers rather than following him to the airship.

On the airship, Switch is being kept in hibernation in a pod Cary built that prevents David from locating her. While Farouk wants to face David head-on, Ptonomy takes the airship into low Earth orbit so it will be outside of David's teleportation range. Farouk, however, psychically reaches out to David as the airship gains altitude, allowing David to teleport himself and his followers onto the airship. David's followers kill many of the Division 3 agents stationed on the airship, including Clark, by throwing them out into space. Ptonomy and the Vermillions put themselves into hibernation to protect themselves from David and the cult. David, alone, confronts Syd. She tells him where Division 3 is keeping Switch. Syd pretends to be sympathetic to his case against Farouk so she can get close enough to him to switch bodies. David recognizes what she's doing at the last second and puts up a defense. Syd finds herself in control of David's body, but she is trapped with the voices inside David's head that now refer to themselves as "Legion."

Syd (in David's body) takes David (in Syd's body) and looks for Kerry. Kerry has been fighting David's cult members, and although she defeats many of them she is eventually overpowered. Syd, pretending to be David, distracts the remaining three cult members long enough to give Kerry an opening to kill them. Syd begs Kerry to destroy David's body, even if it means killing her. The Legion in David's head overpowers Syd's consciousness to gain control of David's body. They break Kerry's sword and send her flying with a blast of telekinesis, and then touches Syd's face to be reunited with the rest of David's consciousness and send Syd back into her own body.

David finds Farouk elsewhere on the airship. As Farouk prepares to face David in psychic combat, Switch - having already been rescued from the hibernation pod - opens up a time portal to trap Farouk in the time between time. Switch thanks David for rescuing her from her terrible dreams from when she was in hibernation. David says he has a new plan for the two of them, but rather than explain himself compels everyone still alive on the airship to sing "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding." At the risk of unleashing more time eaters, David plans to go far back into the past again, but not to the time with his mother when he was a baby. This time, David has a new plan.


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Character Actor
David Haller Dan Stevens
Syd Barrett Rachel Keller
Lenny Busker Aubrey Plaza
Cary Loudermilk Bill Irwin
The Shadow King / Amahl Farouk Navid Negahban
Ptonomy Wallace Jeremie Harris
Kerry Loudermilk Amber Midthunder
Switch / Jia-Yi Lauren Tsai
Clark Deussy Hamish Linklater
Daniel Bohr-Debussy Keir O'Donnell
Xiu Ben Wang
Dora Dan Cathcart
Eloise Margaux Brooke
Cynthia Samantha Cormier
Vermillions Rachele Schank
Marikah Cunningham
Aide Ariyan Kassam
Acolytes Yukina Takase
Gloria Cole

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