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-- Melanie Bird

Appearing in "Chapter 25"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Wolf (Jerome) (First appearance)
  • Cynthia
  • Sweetie (First appearance)
  • Blue (First appearance)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Division 3's airship

Synopsis for "Chapter 25"

Syd's lost mind winds up in the Astral Plane as a baby. Oliver Bird, who still lives in the Astral Plane with Melanie, finds the infant while he's scavenging for other lost things that end up in the Astral Plane. Oliver and Melanie adopt Syd - they know her name but are unaware they knew her in the physical world - to protect her from the Wolf, another denizen of the Astral Plane. They also take in Cynthia, a member of David's commune who found herself in the Astral Plane. Syd and Cynthia live with the Oliver and Melanie in their straw cottage in an idyllic forest at the edge of a city. Their entire lifestyle resembles one from centuries ago. The Wolf eventually takes Cynthia away for himself. As Sydney gets older, she starts to remember parts of her former life that come to her as nightmares, particularly her memories of David and Farouk.

Oliver, Melanie and Sydney move into the city as the Wolf gets more powerful. Sydney runs into Cynthia, now a member of the Wolf's cult, and discovers the Wolf has followed them to the city as well. Cynthia tries to get Sydney to join the Wolf's cult. Oliver, Melanie and Sydney rescue Cynthia from the cult by abducting her in the night, but the Wolf tracks her down. Oliver puts on his modern clothes and engages the Wolf in a rap battle to defend Cynthia. Even though Oliver wins the rap battle, Cynthia still willing chooses to leave with the Wolf. Oliver returns to Syd and Melanie, and Melanie drops the act when Oliver puts her back in her modern dress. Syd realizes she has to go back to the real world with the lessons Oliver and Melanie have taught her.

Syd wakes up in the real world, still on Division 3's airship roughly twenty minutes after she lost consciousness. She finds Kerry, Cary and the still-open time door. Cary makes more of the bracelets that allow David to enter the three of them can follow him. Kerry is too badly wounded from her fight with David and his followers to help them, so Cary absorbs her back into his body, transferring her wounds onto him. Cary is forced to use a wheelchair while a fully-healed Kerry re-emerges from his body. Syd, Kerry and Cary enter the time stream before they are surrounded by Time Eaters.


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Character Actor
Syd Barrett Rachel Keller
Pearl Amanda Dickson (teen)
Audrey Lynn (young)
Violet Hicks (slightly older)
Cary Loudermilk Bill Irwin
Kerry Loudermilk Amber Midthunder
Melanie Bird Jean Smart
Oliver Bird Jemaine Clement
The Wolf / Jerome Jason Mantzoukas
Cynthia Samantha Cormier
Blue West Mulholland
Sweetie Sophie Nack
Dora Dan Cathcart
Eloise Margaux Brooke

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