The Legion of Howards was composed by numerous alternate versions of Howard the Duck, who assembled to face the threat of Alphonse De Manager Beaucoup Ducanard, a multiversal villain bent on creating a pâté from the blended livers of every Howard the Duck in the Multiverse.

The Legion encountered the Howard the Duck of Earth-616 while he was traveling through the Multiverse in a mission to stop Ducanard. The villain caught of to them and killed two of the Legionnaires. However, Ducanard was defeated by Howard's ally S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Leo Fitz, and subsequently killed by his only rival, a cosmic entity known as the Liverer.

The Liverer was defeated when the Legion used a zipper unripper on his costume zip it up, causing him to explode and send each member of the Legion to their respective universe.[1]

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