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Legion of the Unliving
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None. The Legion of the Unliving is only active for short periods at a time and are usually only active in an area where they're directly engaging their enemies (usually the Avengers).
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Midnight, Baron Zemo, Toro, Flying Dutchman, Frankenstein's Monster, Nighthawk, Executioner, Terrax, Hyperion, Green Goblin, Korvac, Death Adder, Dracula, Bucky Barnes, Black Knight, Baron Blood, Drax the Destroyer, Red Guardian, Left-Winger, Right-Winger, Oort, Iron Man 2020, Amenhotep, Count Nefaria, Inferno, Nebulon, Necrodamus, Star Stalker, Mockingbird, Thunderstrike, Dr. Druid, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Swordsman, Wonder Man, Hellcat, Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
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The Legion of the Unliving was initially formed by Kang and his alternate self, Immortus. They extracted beings from their home time periods or they resurrected them. The group would later be recreated by the Grandmaster, and later by the Grim Reaper.[citation needed]


  • The lineups of the Legion have been the subject of debate, since not all of the characters listed as dead have actually been deceased at the time of their inclusion, or stayed deceased. Some, as with Bucky Barnes and Count Nefaria, were found later to not have been not dead, while others returned to life as in the cases of Terrax, Dracula, and Drax the Destroyer. One character, Iron Man 2020, was not only not deceased at the time of inclusion, hadn't even technically been born yet.

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