"Legs" was a prostitute working in Los Angeles, and one of the stronger voices in the Undergrounders. She frequently babysat for Bucky when Nomad was on a job.[1]

When a big meeting was held in Las Vegas among crime bosses to divvy up the fallen Kingpin's holdings, Legs visited the city with Troy, one of her regular Johns who also worked for Lotus Newmark. Troy had multiple targets painted on his back, however, due to professional disputes between Lotus and Tolliver (making him a target for Deadpool) and taking a child away from his ex-wife, sister-in-law to the unstable assassin Bushwacker. Legs was caught in the middle and, when Nomad helped her out, he asked her to go home to L.A. with Bucky. Unfortunately, Bushwacker mistook Bucky for Troy's child and beat Legs, kidnapping Nomad's adopted daughter. Punisher and Nomad managed to recover Bucky, and finally sent her and Legs home.[2]

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