"Legs" Cachone was a mob leader who was wanted for a plethora of crimes in the city of Chicago. Deciding that there was too much heat in the United States, he and his mob would relocate to South America to capitalize on the weaker law enforcement. There they would take over the Columbian Mining Company, forcing locals to mine its gold for them. Unaccustomed to living in the wilds of South America, Legs would contract sleeping sickness. In order to cure their boss, his gang would trick sleeping disease specialist Dr. Smythe to journey to South America under the pretension that the entire supposedly legit mining camp was afflicted by the disease. Accompanying Dr. Smythe was his daughter Joan, who was previously warned by the extra dimensional hero the Vision that they were in danger.

Not heeding his warning in time, Dr. Smythe would journey to the camp and by this point could not shirk his duty as a health care professional by letting a man suffer, even a criminal like Cachone. In return Cachone would allow Smythe to leave the camp, but his daughter had to stay behind in order to prevent him from alerting the American authorities as to where he was hiding out. Smythe would refuse, and when Joan slapped Legs across the face he would punish her by dangling her over an alligator pit. When Smythe tried to rescue his daughter, Legs would push him down and put a lit match under the hell of his shoe to watch him burn. But the smoke from the match would allow the Vision to appear. As the Vision fought off Leg's men, Cachone would cut Joan loose leaving her to the gator.

While the Vision came to her rescue, Cachone would take Smythe up to the top of a mountain and threaten to throw him down to the river below. This would be Leg's undoing, as the ledge they were standing on crumbled under the combined weight of the two men. The Vision would swoop down and only rescue Smythe, leaving Cochone to fall to his death.


Legs Cachone was infected with "Sleeping Sickness", likely Eastern equine encephalitis virus. At the time of his infection there was no known cure, and the treatments by Dr. Smythe were unlikely to eliminate the virus.


Cachone was armed with a pistol. He also had a pet alligator that he fed his victims to.

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