Quote1 Daniel, wait. Do you know the secret of forever? I want to tell you something my father once told me. Decapitation, asphyxiation, blunt trauma, strangulation... Any number of paths to a single result. Your heart stops beating. Don't you see? All death comes from the heart. Armor yourself... Make your body hard and keep your heart soft. If you can protect your heart, you will never die. This is the secret of forever. You may feel like an outsider now... But one day, if you earn it, you will be invited to eat the fruit of immortality. And then you will truly be among us. Quote2
-- Thunderer src

Lei-Kung was the immortal martial arts master of K'un-Lun, charged by K'un-Lun's ruler to train all the males of the city in kung-fu. He was an unparalleled master of K'un-Lun's martial arts, and trained generations of K'un-Lun's inhabitants. Among his students were the current Iron Fist, Daniel Rand,[1] and all of Daniel's immediate predecessors. It is possible that Lei-Kung trained every man and woman to ever bear the title Iron Fist.

Among Lei-Kung's more infamous students was his son, Davos, who like all males of K'un-Lun trained to be a potential Iron Fist. Davos progressed well, but was eventually defeated by Wendell Rand. Enraged by his loss, Davos attempted to perform the Iron Fist ritual and battle the dragon Shou-Lao on his own, without the city's blessing. Defeated by the dragon, Lei-Kung found Davos laying in the snow outside of Shou-Lao's temple and took him home without a word. Embittered by the loss of his self-proclaimed fate, and much to Lei-Kung's shame, Davos would become a regular enemy of both the new Iron Fist, Wendell's son, and his native city.

After the death of Lord Tuan, the ruler of K'un-Lun who adopted Daniel Rand-Kai, Lei-Kung watched as Tuan's son, Nu-An, became the new ruler of the mystical city-state. Seeing Nu-An's corruption and subjugation of his people first-hand,[2] Lei-Kung began a secret rebellion to overthrow the ruler. Believing that the men of K'un-Lun would be loyal to Nu-An, Lei-Kung instead trained the women of the city to serve as the warriors for his rebellion, the Army of Thunder.[3]

Lei-Kung's shadow rebellion spent decades preparing itself, maintaining its secrecy as Nu-An's reign became ever more dictatorial and deceptive. Finally, during the Celestial Tournament, a rare dimensional event where parts of all seven of the immortal cities intersect for a short period of time, Lei-Kung began the rebellion. With assistance from the seven immortal weapons including Iron Fist, Lei-Kung deposed Nu-An and became the new ruler of K'un-Lun.[4]

When Iron Fist came back to K'un-Lun after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, he found Lei-Kung decapitated by the One.[5]


Extremely skilled martial artist.[citation needed] Immortal and ageless.[citation needed]

The symbol that Lei Kung wears on his chest is from the Chinese I CHING. It is hexagram #30, or Li, meaning Fire.

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