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Aero was a Shanghai agent who went beyond her jurisdiction into the North Pacific as she got this feeling like there was something wrong with the wind. Aero ended up in a confrontation with Triumph Division operative Wave who also felt a disturbance with the water. A whirlpool formed in front of them and Aero was bewildered by what had caused it. As she checked it out a plateau of fiery land rose from the ocean knocking Wave and Aero unconscious as Fire Demons of Muspelheim rose with the island pronouncing they had divided and conquered the two women.

Aero finally came around after being contacted by her people about Shanghai being under attack. She figured that they had been tricked by the demons who pronounced that their queen sensed Aero's elemental power and decided to lure her away from her homeland so she wouldn't be there to protect it. Just when Lei was going to get an answer about who they were, the demons were killed by the fire goddess "Tūtū Pele."[2]



Aerokinesis: Lei Ling can sense, generate and control wind. Her wind has the power of a hurricane. Her powers are linked to chi.[3]

Aero in flight

  • Wind Burst: By focusing winds around her limbs, she can release bursts of wind that are strong enough to destroy high grade concrete. Can release them from her legs as a kick.[4]
  • Air Constructs: Lei Ling can ‘solidify’ the air and have it take certain shapes, such as; platforms,[4] swords,[3] shields,[5] humans,[6] and fish.[6]
    • Her Air Blade is capable of leveling buildings,[5] yet thin enough to find fissures in white jade golems.[7]
    • Aero Avatar: Lei Ling can create a clone made of air. The farther it gets, the harder it is to control, requiring more focus.[8]
  • Air Senses: Lei Ling can utilize air currents to sense the intentions of other people through their heartbeats as well as their emotions, such as being calm. She sees them as "threads." Her range with this is at least a city. She can also use it to tell if someone has an item on their person and if someone is trying to sneak up on her.[3]
  • Flight: Lei Ling can fly by using wind and can also do this with others.[4][5]
  • Sound Cancellation: She can cancel the sound of a violin by counteracting the vibrations with air currents.[3]
  • Air Beam: She can focus the wind into a condensed straight beam.[3]
  • Wind-Enhanced Strikes: Lei Ling can use the wind to enhance the power of her strikes.[5]
  • Counter Current: She can stop a whirlpool by having the wind blow a certain way.[5]
  • Wind Blade Projectile: She can release a blade of wind that is strong enough to cut through an Alontech droid.[9]
  • Air Bubble: She can create a bubble around herself to allow her to operate underwater.[9]
    • Air Bubble Expansion: She can expand her Air Bubble to take out aquatic opponents who can’t breath on land.[7]
  • Underwater Air Molecule Tracking[9]
  • Air Burst: She gathers wind into her palm and releases it at nearby opponents, blowing them away.[7]
  • Air Bomb: Lei Ling compresses the air as much as she can, then releases it in an omni-directional burst.[7]
  • Underwater Whirlwind: Lei Ling creates a whirlwind underwater that can be used to carry allies away.[7]
  • Redirection: By surrounding something with wind, she can manipulate that object, such as a limb or a weapon.[8]


  • Lei Ling has had her powers since as a child.[10]
  • She was top of her class at Tongji University.[10]
  • She is the youngest to win the Pritzker Prize.[10]
  • She founded her own architecture firm, Sacred Tree Design.[10]

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