Leiko Wu was an agent of MI-6. While working there, she began a relationship with Clive Reston, but left him for Simon Bretnor, who turned out to be the assassin Mordillo.[2]

She continued to work with MI-6 against Fu Manchu, alongside Shang-Chi and her former lover Reston, which often caused tension within their group.[3] Being a MI-6 agent and ally of Shang-Chi, she helped assault Fu Manchu's Arctic Mountain Fortress,[4] and stop his plan to knock the moon out of orbit and later foil his plan to manipulate the nations of the world into World War 3.[5]

Upon the return of Fu Manchu whom was thought dead, she once again aided Shang-Chi as part of a MI-6 force in assaulting the Hellfire Base and putting a stop to Fu Manchu's plans.[6] A decade later, she infiltrated the Triads in the United Kingdom as part of a MI-6 operation. Falling in love with a Triad leader, Skull-Crusher, she pledged her loyalty to the Triads.[7]

Later she was murdered by assassins of the White Dragon who was working for the Midnight Sun.[8] When the Midnight Sun completed the ritual which would give him power over all of the Triads, rather than receive such power the ritual resurrected Leiko. She avenged herself and the Triads upon Midnight Sun and later escaped, being the new leader of Skull Crushers Triad.[9]


Supernatural powers since her resurrection.[9]


Martial arts, espionage, and firearms.[10]

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