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Leiko Wu is an agent of MI-6. While working there, she began a relationship with Clive Reston, but left him for Simon Bretnor, who turned out to be the assassin Mordillo.[4]

She continued to work with MI-6 against Fu Manchu, alongside Fu's son and her new love interest Shang-Chi and her former lover Reston, which often caused tension within their group.[5] Being a MI-6 agent and ally of Shang-Chi, she helped assault Fu Manchu's Arctic Mountain Fortress,[6] and stop his plan to knock the moon out of orbit and later foil his plan to manipulate the nations of the world into World War 3.[7]

During Shang-Chi's retirement, she and Reston married. Upon the return of Fu Manchu whom was thought dead, she once again aided Shang-Chi as part of a MI-6 force in assaulting the Hellfire Base and putting a stop to Fu Manchu's plans.[8] Later, she infiltrated the Triads in the United Kingdom as part of an MI-6 operation. According to the Triad leader Skull-Crusher, Leiko fell in love with him and left Reston and MI-6 for him and the Triads.[9]

While working undercover, Leiko Wu was murdered by Razor-Fist, who was working for the Midnight Sun. Shang-Chi and Skull Crusher joined forces to avenge her death, but were captured by Midnight Sun, who executed Skull Crusher and White Dragon for his black magic ritual. When Midnight Sun completed the ritual which would give him power over all of the Triads, rather than receive such power, the ritual resurrected Leiko, who Skull Crusher named as the leader of his gang before their deaths. She avenged herself and the Triads upon Midnight Sun and later escaped.[10]

Leiko rejoined MI-6 and reunited with Shang-Chi, informing him that his father's organization was active again. Leiko assisted Shang-Chi in dealing with his long lost sister Sister Hammer over their power struggle for leadership of the Five Weapons Society and defended London with Shang-Chi and his half-siblings Brother Sabre and Sister Dagger from Hammer and her army of jiangshi.[11]

Leiko later bribed Shang-Chi with gelato to get him to steal the Equinox Blade from the British Museum because the magical blade had drained the soul of a security guard but MI-6 couldn't get involved so a free agent was needed. Leiko guided him through the security via a camera attached to his lapel. Lady Deathstrike attempted to steal the sword as well and used it to take the souls of the security guards but Shang-Chi was able to stop her by punching her out the window. He then broke the sword which released all the souls of the security guards that had been stolen and returned them to their bodies. The next day, Leiko treated Shang-Chi to gelato again.[12]

Shortly after Shang-Chi became the Supreme Commander of the Five Weapons Society, he took a vacation with Leiko in Seoul, where they witnessed several gas bombs detonate across the city, turning victims into trees. After helping Shang-Chi and White Fox rescue civilians from a gas explosion, Leiko received a broadcast of similar explosions happening in major cities worldwide. The three tracked the origin of one of the diffusors to an A.I.M. laboratory in London, where they encountered scientist Jessa Chen, who claimed she and other scientists were being forced against their will to create the bioweapon, named the Gelsemium Molecule. Leiko took Chen to safety while Shang-Chi and White Fox fought A.I.M. guards. While they were alone, Chen revealed herself as Doctor Gelsemium, the true mastermind behind the Gelsemium Molecule and used her tree-like physiology to restrain Leiko before exposing her to a Molecule sample. Gelsemium took Leiko to another laboratory in the Pacific Northwest, where Leiko began transforming into a tree. Shang-Chi and White Fox found Leiko through her tracker and fought Gelsemium while Leiko was able to free herself and used her own tree physiology to free Gelsemium's test subjects and help fight her. After Gelsemium's was defeated, Leiko was cured with an antidote which was later administered to Gelsemium's victims around the world. Afterwards, Leiko celebrated with Shang-Chi and White Fox at a restaurant and suggested to Shang-Chi to spend their next vacation at either Paris or Bora Bora [10]


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Supernatural powers since her resurrection.[3]


Martial arts, espionage, and firearms.[13]

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