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Leila Davis was the wife of Anthony Davis, a.k.a. the Ringer. Not very successful as a supervillain, Anthony was humiliated by the Beetle who forced Ringer to battle Spider-Man against his will so that Jenkins could get data on Spider-Man's moves for his battle computer.[1] Ringer was later killed by Scourge, leaving Leila a widow.[2]

Hoping to get revenge on the Beetle, Leila acted as a getaway driver for the Sinister Syndicate and became romantically involved with Boomerang in order to get close to Jenkins. When Boomerang was arrested, she switched her affections to Speed Demon in order to remain with the crooks. Using some of her husband's old equipment, Leila sought to avenge her husband by attacking both Beetle and Spider-Man during a feud between two factions of the Syndicate. She was arrested and sent to prison.[3]

as Hardshell

After getting out of prison, Leila adopted an armored suit as Hardshell and formed her own gang. Hardshell soon learned Anthony was still alive, brought back as the cyborg Strikeback. Hardshell and Strikeback left the life of crime to reconnect their marriage.[4] Anthony's cybernetics were incompatible over time, however, and he died of complications.[5]

Leila's former vendetta with Abe Jenkins was the reason she was recruited into the Redeemers. She was given a version of the Beetle armor that the V-Battalion had retained while Jenkins was imprisoned.[6] She was crushed to death by Graviton when the Redeemers confronted him.[5]


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