Leila O'Toole was born in Dublin, Ireland. As a college student, Leila travelled to Egypt to explore the ruins in the Nile Valley. There, she encountered and later joined the Cult of Living Pharaoh.

She was initially repulsed by the cult's habit of human sacrifice and fled. She was brought back and fell under their spell.

She learned that the Living Pharaoh had a link to Havok. She met him outside the cult and acted as an innocent escapee from the Cult and their Trackers. As he protected her, over the weeks, Havok eventually fell in love with her.[1]

They ended up back at the cult's headquarters, via trickery on Leila's part, and in multiple incidents, Havok was forced to fight Leila, who was in disguise. Each blast of his cosmic energy only served to strengthen her. Even Wolverine was of no use, as he was quickly knocked out by a blast. In the end, Havok stopped Leila with a simple punch to the face and left.[2]

Leila decided to recruit cultists into one massive army, and started with the forces of Khonshu, the god which Moon Knight served. Leila's forces staged a two-pronged attack on New York City. The attack at the Statue of Liberty was foiled, but the one at Grand Central Station proceeded apace. A well-placed plasma blast trapped many innocent victims inside. Mr. Parnell, one of the attendees of a homeless benefit held at the Station, was slain by Plasma.

Moon Knight and Ghost Rider attacked Plasma. Plasma vaporized Ghost Rider, who later reformed. In the meantime, Moon Knight took the fight to a speeding subway train. Plasma met her end when the train crashed at a high rate of speed.[3]


Could absorb cosmic radiation to increase in size and power. Could also fire plasma blasts from her hands.


Was a trained archeologist and Egyptologist.

Strength level

Average woman with moderate regular exercise. After absorbing cosmic energy, Leila gained strength and mass in proportion to the energy received. At ten feet tall, she could lift 800 pounds.

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