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Leland Sharp was one of those who developed paranormal powers after the incident dubbed the White Event, in is case the ability to expel a burning ectoplasm from spots that formed on his skin. He seemed to particularly resent this disfigurement. [citation needed]

Sharp was one of the earliest patients admitted to the Clinic for Paranormal Research, and was soon made one of the Clinic's 'headhunters' - paranormal agents who hunted down any patients who escaped the Clinic. In this role, he and two other agents, Edward Zentner and Geraldine Rumlow clashed several times with the escaped paranormals known as the DP7, but failed several times to apprehend them. [citation needed]

Later, when the existence of paranormals became known to the government, male paranormals became subject to being drafted into the army. Sharp attempted to dodge the draft, but was captured. His later activities are not known.[citation needed]

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Shrapnel's body was covered in spots that could expel a burning substance with explosive force. After such a discharge, it took him a while before he could produce another.

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