Lemura is a city located in Pangea an expanded region of the Savage Land. It was one of the furthest regions of the Empire of Atlantis. After the Great Cataclysm; Atlantis sank beneath the ocean and the empire fell apart. Lemuria continued on holding a lot of the tradition until the modern era. It was one of the major political powers in the Savage Land.


Modern Age

Ka-Zar was having a midlife crisis. He wondered if he should give up the jungle life and head to the comforts of modern civilization. He parted ways from Shanna for a bit to try and find Zabu, who had uncharacteristically wandered off. The trail led him to Pangea where he met a woman called Leanne who owned a female pet saber-tooth. He rescued her from some savages, but it turned out that she was the queen of Lemura. They had a brief affair, but she left him because he was too uncivilized.[4]

Lemura was later destroyed by Jorro using his Terminus armor along with the rest of the Savage Land.[5]

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