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Leng was a land in the Frozen Land of the South Pole. The Mountains of Madness, where the Old Ones built at least some of their cities, was set within Leng.[3]


Star-Headed Old Ones from Conan the Savage Vol 1 4 0003

Carving in the Mountains of Madness of the Old Ones arriving on Earth

Rise and Fall of the Old Ones

The star-headed Old Ones were a strange elder race that came from the stars, and who settled on Earth.

Shoggoths and Star-Headed Old Ones from Conan the Savage Vol 1 4 0001

Carving of the Shoggoths in the Mountains of Madness killing the Old Ones

Served by their slaves, the Shoggoths, huge tentacled lumps or blobs, the Old Ones built a gigantic city in the Mountains of Madness.

Those Old Ones seemingly lost of their skill at the time they built a second city nearby.

Eventually, the Shoggoths killed their masters, and at least one of them remained in the Mountains of Madness, where it ushered the word "tekeli-li" relentlesly.[3]

Hyborian Age / Neolithic

At some point, albino-skinned humans came to live in the land of Leng. They eventually came to fear the monstrous Shoggoth, which they named after its cry, "Tekeli-li", "the Death that Flows".[3]

The legends about "snow-skins", a "great isle of ice",[5] the Frozen Land, and the fabled Mountains of Madness eventually spread at least to the Southern Isles.[2]

During the Hyborian Age of Conan, the snow-skins were ruled by Snow Queen. Her daughter, Ta-No, was born to become queen herself, but ran away, preferring to risk death rather than fulfil the path chosen for her.[3]


At some point, Ulysses Bloodstone somehow came into possession of a set of Neolithic scrying stones from Leng Plateau, which ended up in his curios.[1]

Alternate realities

Cancerverse (Earth-10011)

The Revengers possessed an item known as the Leng Lens, which Scarlet Witch used to analyse Earth-616's Quasar and track his energy trail, as a way to find the Fault and invade his universe.[6]


From Salem Center, Erich Zann noted the Hounds of Tindalos baying in the frozen wastes beyond Leng.[4]

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