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Quote1.png Tremble before the power of Lone Shark!! Quote2.png
Lenny Sirkes[src]


Lenny Sirkes aka Lone Shark, was hired by Jeff Jeffers, who was running for Borough President of Brooklyn, against Luke Cage. He was outfitted with a shark-like battle suit and was tasked with creating havoc and destruction on the streets, to scare the residents away. Jeffers planned to use the area to build a shopping complex and a sports stadium. Luke and his wife Jessica Jones stumbled across Lone Shark and tried to stop him. Luke tackled Lone Shark and easily defeated Lenny in a fight. They subdued him long enough for the N.Y.P.D. to arrive and arrest him. They interrogated Sirkes, who admitted who hired him. Jeff Jeffers was later arrested as well.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Lenny used battle suit which gave him super strength and durability.



Lone Shark's Battle Suit


The name is a play on "loan shark".

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