Lenny Busker was born Lenore Busker. Her childhood was unhappy; her parents divorced after her mother discovered that her father was a paedophile, and Lenny spent a lot of time in the care of her grandmother, for whom she was named. In high school, she realised that she was a lesbian, and sometime after that she ran away from home. She spent several years as a hustler, getting arrested 13 times before becoming a patient at the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital.[1]

Lenny in the Clockworks Hospital

During her time there, she became friends with David Haller, a powerful psychic mutant who was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. When David kissed his girlfriend Syd Barrett goodbye when she was checked out of the hospital, he accidentally triggered her mutant powers to swap places with whoever she touches. Syd was unable to control David's powers, causing the "devil with the yellow eyes," a figure that haunted David, to appear. Lenny and the rest of Clockworks' patients were dragged through the walls to their rooms. Lenny wasn't dragged through the wall completely, leaving David (in Syd's body) to find her mangled remains.

David went on the run, but was eventually captured by an organisation that wanted to know about his role in Lenny's death.[2]

Though Lenny's body expired, her consciousness became part of the Shadow King, who used her to manipulate David, playing on his guilt in order to weaken him so that the Shadow King could take over his body.

When Melanie and Oliver Bird managed to expel the Shadow King from David's body, he possessed Oliver instead, and fled from Clockworks, seeking out his original body. During this time, Lenny remained the Shadow King's vassal.[3]

Sometime later, the Shadow King, in the form of Amahl Farouk made psychic contact with David, enlisting his aid to find his original body. During their meeting, Lenny appeared and begged David to kill her, saying that the Shadow King was holding her consciousness hostage. She revealed that she had tried to kill herself several times but the Shadow King kept reconstructing her consciousness. After David left, Amahl asked her what she would do with a new body.[4]

Shortly after, Amahl steered Oliver to find a device for resurrecting his physical body. In order to test out its powers, they tracked down Amy Haller and used it on her, transferring Lenny's consciousness into Amy's body. Lenny was then left in the desert to be found by Division 3.[1]

David soon came up with a plan to kill Farouk, and planted Lenny's role in the plot in her mind, waiting in dormant until the time was right. When the moment arrived, Lenny, following David's instructions, broke out of her cell and made her way out of the facility with no resistance from security.

  • The character was originally conceived as a middle-aged man, but Legion showrunner Noah Hawley changed the character to fit Plaza after he met her. Plaza portrays Lenny as androgynous (more specifically modelled after David Bowie) because of the character's origins.[5]

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