Lenore was a mutant, but like most of the world's mutant population, she lost her powers on M-Day.

Lenore first came into contact with XF Investigations about five months after the destruction of Mutant Town. At that time she believed some one was trying to kill her because she was a former mutant.[1] X-Factor's investigation revealed that the death threats were actually prank calls from her ex-boyfriend and the case was closed. Lenore came back to X-Factor again after her best friend Candy was murdered. Candy was a former mutant also, and the police ruled her death a suicide, but Lenore believed otherwise. Like Lenore, Candy believed she was being followed before her death. To ease Lenore's tensions, Longshot volunteered to stand guard at her apartment.[2]

Lenore was in fact being targeted for assignation by Cortex under the orders of Tryp and Anthony Falcone because her descendants would be mutants and apart of the Summers Rebellion in the future.[3] Cortex first possessed Lenore's mother to attack her, but Longshot luckily saved her.[4]

After the attack by her mother, for her own safety Lenore was put in a penthouse suite at The Carlton Hotel with Darwin and Monet. Unfortunately, Monet was under the control of Cortex and tried to dispose of Darwin in an attempt to murder Lenore.[5] Luckily the rest of the XF Investigation team showed up in time to hold of Cortex until he was pulled into the future.[6]


Currently none. Lenore was a mutant, but lost her mutant powers due to the effects of M-Day.

  • Lenore's mutant powers were never officially revealed, but her powers are possibly similar to those of Hecat'e, her future progeny.

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