Leo was one of the Life Model Decoy team of androids known as the Zodiac created by Scorpio to serve him. Scorpio was forced to activate the Zodiac prematurely when he was attacked by the Defenders and Leo attacked Hellcat, badly wounding her. He was defeated, however, when the Zodiac member known as Gemini turned against the rest of the Zodiac and turned on the device meant to kill the Moon Knight while Leo was inside.[1]

Leo survived and later, along with the other Zodiac members, joined forces with the Avenger Quicksilver against his former teammates the Avengers during a period when Quicksilver was mentally unstable. As part of one faction of the group, Leo fought the West Coast Avengers with Quicksilver at the circus where the Avengers had first formed. After freeing the circus' lions to wreak havoc, Leo fought the Avenger Tigra, who was struggling with the feline side of her personality at the time, and so found it difficult fighting him. Her teammate Wonder Man took over fighting Leo, and overpowered him. The Zodiac were once again defeated and Leo was turned over to the authorities by the Avengers.[2]

Later, Leo was set free from prison and joined the Zodiac once again and they confronted the human Zodiac Cartel, which they were patterned on, in Dallas, Texas. The LMD Zodiac succeeded in killing all of the human Zodiac members with the exception of Cornelius van Lunt and took their places in the criminal underworld.[3]


  • Superhuman Strength: Leo apparently possessed superhuman strength, to an unknown degree.
  • Claws: He also had claws which could tear through metal, but it is unclear if these were part of his body, or part of his costume.

Strength level

Leo apparently possessed superhuman strength, to an unknown degree.

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