Leo D'Lando was a grieving husband whose wife Nikki was seemingly cured from a disease by New U Technologies, when in reality she had been replaced with a healthy clone which decayed and died the moment the Jackal caused a global outbreak of the Carrion Virus.

Leo was tipped off on the location of one of Jackal's associates, Dr. Rita Clarkson, by the Jackal himself in a disguise. When Leo and his brother-in-law confronted Dr. Clarkson at the bar she frequented with the intention to harm her, the Jackal intervened and saved her life. During the ensuing brawl, the Jackal used Leo to shield himself from his brother-in-law's attempt to shoot him, which seemingly cost Leo his life.

The Jackal had manipulated Leo into attacking Rita so he could save her life and she'd feel the need to repay him.[1]

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