Leon Kinzky was a retired soldier living in southern Alexandria, Virginia, with his son Chris.[2]

One night, Mr. Kinzky was coming to the Vision's house in order to introduce himself because Chris was the lab partner of Viv, the Vision's daughter. After no one answered the front door, he went around the back and saw Virginia, the Vision's wife, burying the corpse of the Grim Reaper,[2] a supervillain who had attacked the Visions' house a few moments earlier, and Virginia had accidentally ended up killing.[3] Mr. Kinzky took a video and kept it for himself.[2]

Some days later, Chris was attacked in school by Vin, Viv's brother,[4] as a consequence of the state of distraught in which he had been left following the Grim Reaper's attack, an incident that had ended with Viv severely damaged.[3]

Deeming the family of synthezoids too dangerous, Leon decided to blackmail Virginia into leaving the state.[2] He sent in the mail a mobile phone with a copy of the video, and then called every day around 2:00 PM. Virginia initially ignored those calls, but gave in and answered. Mr. Kinzky summoned her to his home the following night.

At night, Virginia flew to the address she had been given, and finally encountered the person that was blackmailing her face to face. Leon explained his intentions to Virginia; he wanted them to leave or else he would spread the news about what Virginia had done. Virginia was angered by this proposal and when she approached him, Leon drew out a firearm. He ultimately shot at her, but she phased through the bullets. Chris had just entered the living room, after being awakened by his father's conversation, and two of the stray shots hit him, killing him immediately.

Leon reached out to his son's corpse and blamed Virginia for his death, swearing to rally everyone to kill her family. She reacted violently and knocked him out cold with her super-strength.[2] Virginia fled the scene, the police arrived and found Leon and Chris alone. Leon was eventually admitted to hospital, where he remained in coma,[1] a condition from which Virginia theorized he would never recover.[5]

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