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Leon Matheson


Leon was a young mutant with the ability to influence rainfall and the ambition to buy a farm. However, his girlfriend wanted to see the world. Leon died the same day he bought the plane tickets. He was twenty-three years old at the time of his death. Although he died in a fire,[1] the exact cause of this fire or other circumstances of his death remain unclear.


When Selene and her Inner Circle raise an army of of undead mutants[2], Leon was among the mutants resurrected and brought to Genosha. Leon was specifically in charge of guarding Destiny's prison cell.

He proposed a deal with her, freeing her in exchange for information. Once Destiny had revealed to him that his girlfriend hadn't been brought back, he tried to hang himself, but was stopped by the Inner Circle. His fate was unrevealed.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Leon Matheson was a mutant who died before M-Day:

  • Precipitation Manipulation: Leon can summon rain, and direct rain clouds.[1] His control over and the full extent of this power are yet to be determined.



  • Bullwhip: Leon carried a large bullwhip with him as a guard in the dungeons of Necrosha.[1]

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