Leon McKenzie is Namor's nephew. Leon's father Lawrence was Namor's half-brother. After Leonard McKenzie had fathered Namor with the Atlantean Fen, he married a human woman and fathered Lawrence.[1] Leon worked for the west coast branch of Namor's company Oracle.[2] He used his position in the company to fund fake eco-terrorist attacks on Oracle property and cash in on the insurance payouts. His scheme came to an end when he accidentally revealed his plot to Oracle Inc. head Namorita.[3] Despite being caught, Leon was never tried for his crimes.[4]

One day, Leon found the journal of his father and learned of his failed attempt to salvage the cargo of vibranium of the Endurance that later led to Namor's conception. Using Oracle funds, Leon attempted to plunder the Endurance of its vibranium and make a fortune. When Namor confronted him, Leon found his uncle using him the weapons in his Black Moray armor before having his ally Sea Leopard deal with Namor.[5] Namor was able to escape Sea Leopard with help from Attuma and Androdema and confronted Leon. To escape, Leon destroyed the Endurance with a depth charge but was later caught by Namor.[6] Leon was last seen in prison.[7] Leon slept with Llyra when she was disguised as Phoebe Marrs.[4] From this one night stand, Llyra's son Llyron was conceived.[8]


Presumably skills in running a business


Leon McKenzie (Earth-616) and Namor McKenzie (Earth-616) from Namor the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 52 0001

Leon battling Namor as as the Black Moray

  • Black Moray Armor: Leon's Black Moray armor was an aquatic armor that provided him with a variety of features including:
    • electrode-clamps
    • twin lasers positioned on the helmet
    • ink clouds launchers
    • depth charges
    • protection against telepathy
    • recoil dampeners that protect against physical harm


The ones provided by the Black Moray Armor

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