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Leonard Hawley was a man whose sweat allowed him to telepathically control anybody who ingested it. He liked to use his powers to sow chaos, but his lack of imaginative uses for it prompted him to work for other people so he could find new experiences through them. On behalf of a person who intended to destroy Moon Knight, Hawley posed as a janitor in a tenement in the territory of Manhattan that the vigilante had claimed under his protection and doped its water supply with his sweat.

Hawley finally enacted his plan by controlling the elderly tenants three nights on a row to attack people. The fourth night, the victim of an attack, Soldier, sought Moon Knight's help after being injured. Soldier took Moon Knight to investigate the tenement, and Hawley ratted himself out. When Moon Knight intended to confront him, Hawley surrounded him with mind-controlled elders and introduced himself, explaining that he intended to force Moon Knight to fight and injure the elders. After Hawley took control of Soldier and held Moon Knight at gunpoint, the hero challenged the janitor to try controlling him. He gave Hawley a crescent dart to wipe some sweat off his brow so he could lick it. When he entered Moon Knight's mind, Hawley was instantly overwhelmed due to its supernatural nature. Moon Knight then captured Hawley's mind, leaving him catatonic in the real world.[2]



Mental Possession: Through his sweat, Hawley is capable of telepathically taking control of other people. According to himself, when somebody ingests it, he suddenly feels a connection, allowing him to see through his victim's eyes and make them do whatever he wants. The eyes of his victim's become red when he is actively controlling them. When he dilutes his sweat, it needs to build up in his victim's system before he can control them, although the old and the infirm are more susceptible.[2]

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