On Earth-772 events surrounding the Fantastic Four would happen radically different early on in their careers starting with the inclusion of Spider-Man into their ranks. This would push Susan Storm onto the side lines and the neglect she would receive from her teammates and Reed Richards in particular would send her flocking to Namor, whom would marry her and make her his queen.[1]

Sue would soon become pregnant with Namor's child, a pregnancy that would have complications when coming to terms. The situation was made more complicated by an attack made by Reed and Sue's brother Johnny who sought to commit genocide on the nation of Atlantis in a misguided attempt to bring Sue back to the surface world. Reed would plant a bomb that would remove all the oxygen from the water around Atlantis, however when Reed realized that this would risk the life of Sue and her unborn child, Reed would aid the Atlanteans in disarming it. The baby was born shortly thereafter and named Leonard after Namor's father.[1]


It would appear that Leonard at the very least has abilities that are part of the natural physiology of typical Atlanteans. Because he does not have blue skin like typical Atlanteans, it would suggest that Leonard is perhaps amphibious much like his father. As in other universes children of Susan Storm eventually developed mutant powers, any additional abilities Leonard may develop at adolescence remain unrevealed.

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