Quote1 You Hulks never change! Never! Never! Never! Hahahaha! Never change! Hahaha! Quote2
-- Leonard Samson upon his insanity src

Doctor Loenard Samson was tasked by Hulk to "civilize" Skaar in every method of proper manners and etiquette though failed miserably causing the poor Doc's slipping to near insanity, losing his composure and patience until he finally managed to hypnotize Skaar into becoming a civilized person, but was later snapped out of it by Hulk during the S.M.A.S.H.'s fight with Absorbing Man.

In the end, he finally went mad after realizing that the Hulks will never change as he ran out of the Gamma Base laughing and ranting crazy as Red Hulk suggested that Samson should seriously see a doctor.[1]


Seemingly those of the Leonard Samson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Leonard Samson of Earth-616.

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