Leonard Tippit caused Sporadik, a Russian chess champion, during his match against a chess playing computer called Nimrod, to have a fatal heart attack. Thor, in the guise of Dr. Donald Blake, reported that Sporadik was poisoned. The Avengers soon learned that his chess pieces were coated with a poison that could be absorbed through the skin. That night Tippit attempted to sneak out, after spending the day hiding inside the Nimrod computer. There he was confronted by the Vision who stayed behind to look for suspicious activity. Tippit suddenly exhibited super-human powers and easily defeated the Vision, but was soon discovered by Captain America, who easily knocked him out, however Tippit's powers allow his unconscious form to escape.

Recovering from the attack, the Avengers were suddenly jolted by a strange energy and made privy to the origin of Tippit's superpowers: That two nights previous, Tippit was visited by The Watcher who had informed him of an impending nuclear holocaust that would destroy the entire human race. Giving Tippit vast cosmic power, the Watcher informed him that five individuals in the present would one day birth children who would all play an important part in the end of the world in the future. Uatu told Tippit that the only way to stop this impending doom was to kill all the parents of these future children. Although knowing their every thought and knowing that these were good people, Tippit eventually accepted his fate that he would have to kill these people to save countless millions in the future. With the trip into Tippit's past over, the Avengers decided that killing the innocent people would be wrong and determined the best course of action to be stopping Tippit from reaching his goal. The Avengers traveled to the locations of each of the remaining four victims, but each time they arrived too late or were overpowered by Tippit's power and were unable to stop him from killing his target. While this was occurring, Iron Man was developing a device able to immobilize Tippit.

With the last victim killed, the Scarlet Witch managed to stun Tippit with a hex bolt long enough for Iron Man to put the control helmet on Tippit. The Watcher arrived, informing the Avengers that this was all a plot to stop Tippit, the real menace, and that the Watcher convinced him to go on his killing spree in order to alert the attention of the Avengers whom the Watcher hoped would find a way to subdue him. The ensuing battle weakened Tippit enough for the Watcher to capture him and take him away. Not wanting to be as an unimportant person in death as he was in life, he told the Avengers that he wished he had one moment to be an important person. The Avengers promised to let him be known as the man who saved the world, before he was whisked off by the Watcher, leaving the Avengers to ponder over the events of the past day.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[3]
Energy Projection6
Fighting Skills1


Teleportation, energy blasts, and able to disrupt the intangible Vision.

Physical Strength

Normal Human

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