Leonus was amongst the Inhumans who supported Maximus' coup against Black Bolt.[1] He was exiled along with Maximus.

Apparently, he was pardoned, as he was a resident of Attilan again when he found an injured Avius and returned him to the city just in time to warn Black Bolt of the approaching Blastaar.[2] He was then struck by a Kree mind control device and convinced Stallior to free Maximus, so he could round up half the Inhumans and return them to the Kree.[3]

Leonus, Stallior and Falcona were brainwashed by Maximus into being members of the Crimson Cadre who are also under his thrall.[4]


Great endurance, agility, and speed.[5]

Strength level

Able to lift/press 10 tons. [5]


Claws worn on hands and feet with ankle spikes on boots.

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